Activities of NHA

Adoption of a very pragmatic National Housing policy by the government is considered as a milestone in the Housing activities of Bangladesh. The main objectives of the National Housing Policy are:

  • Ensuring housing for all with particular emphasis on the disadvantaged, destitute, the shelter less poor and the low and middle-income group of people.

  • Making available suitable land for housing at affordable price.

  • Developing mechanisms to discharge formation of slums and squatter settlements, unauthorized constructions and encroachments.

  • Mobilization of resources for housing through personal savings and financial institutions.

  • Developing institutional and legal framework for facilitating housing.

  • Providing encouragement to universities, research institutions and research centers for research on housing oriented.

To achieve the above objectives, the strategy of the government is to act is a promoter and facilitator and also as a provider to a limited extent. The salient features of the housing strategy envisaged i the National Housing Policy are :

  • Housing will be given due priority in the national development plans.

  • The role of the government in housing will be to supply serviced land at reasonable price and to help create and promote housing financing institution.

  • Efforts will be made to increases affordability of the disadvantaged and the low income groups through providing credit for income generation.

  • Improvement and rehabilitation of the existing housing stock will be given priority by the government alongside new housing.

  • Encroachment on public land and unauthorized constructions will be discouraged.

  • Facilities incremental house building and ensure wider application resources.

  • Conservation of the natural environment and preservation of cultural heritage in new housing projects.